Meet Tara Verlee

Welcome beautiful! 

My name is Tara! Verlee is my middle name.

I’m a fire wife, fur mom, daughter and friend.

A global traveller since I was a kid – from east Asia, Europe and Caribbean.

I’ve got quite the green thumb, orchids and succulents being my favorite!

I am a total coffee snob and genuinely enjoy making my own coffee every morning. It's my hug in a mug

For as long as I can remember I knew I never wanted a 9-5 corporate job. The thought of it would make me sick to my stomach and immediately felt soul crushing.

While in college I fell in love with being a nanny and family assistant. So that is exactly what I did, and still do part time, 15 years later. 

A few years back I decided to join a network marketing company for skincare and makeup. Not only did I fall in love with the products but fell in love with coaching the ladies on my team on how to market themselves and products on their social media platform.

That is when I realized my passion to be the woman behind successful business woman coaching them along and help them reach their business goals.

I decided to dive in learning all things social media and enjoy geeking out for hours to podcasts, courses, video conferences, read all the things, join all the groups. You name it! I'm probably part of it.

I started to get subcontracted from there to help with creative marketing for ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook. Which led me managing different social media business accounts and coaching other woman looking to get a clear plan of action with their own social media accounts. 

I am so excited to be here to help you and help turn your business dreams into reality. With the right mindset, coaching and your hard work, you will go from being dull to glowing online in no time!