Live the Life You Love - Love the Life You Live

Welcome friend to my little corner on the internet. I hope to help enrich your life a little more through travel, beauty and fashion. 

None of us were meant to be mundane so let's start creating the life you love together! Let the light within you shine bright!


My name is Tara! Verlee is my middle name.

I’m a fire wife, fur mom, daughter and friend.

A global traveller since I was a kid – from south east Asia, Africa, Europe, Central American and the Caribbean. Racking up a total of 31 countries, so far.

I’ve got quite the green thumb, orchids and succulents being my favorite!

I am a total coffee snob and genuinely enjoy making my own coffee every morning. It's my hug in a mug

This is just a snippet of me, if you want to get to know me a little more, check out the 'Get to Know Me' section, and make sure you follow me over on Instagram.


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